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Consumable's new Meridian Header Bidder allows publishers to promote content without cannibalizing revenue.

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Consumable empowers publishers to promote their own content while also generating revenue. Take control of valuable real estate while driving revenue and content discovery. With Consumable's new Summit Unit, publishers can take control of their pages, reduce third party content discovery feeds, and drive meaningful revenue.

  1. Add Meridian to your Header Bidder
  2. We pull your content from a standard feed
  3. Drive content discovery while everyone else is just serving an ad

made to

We are generating 20x standard engagement rates and 50% higher CPMs. Our ad units are driven by premium entertainment and have proven themselves across our 200+ publishers and in the billions of monthly impressions we serve! Our targeted entertainment allows us to deliver data that generates unique demand, premium CPMs, and commands a higher fill.

sample of our publishers

15 billion

Imps per month





that produce

Our placements produce new premium inventory for your site while also adding value to your users’ experience. We keep users engaged, creating immersive on-site entertainment experiences that keep them on your page longer and keep them coming back.

increased revenue

our units drive higher CPMs and create new inventory on your site

premium content

we offer the hottest trending entertainment from premium brand safe content providers

unfettered access for users

engagement does not require logins or registration

no redirects

content keeps users on page

increased time on site

organic engagement increases dwell time by up to 30%

agile and versatile

desktop and mobile solutions for display and video with custom and standard IAB placements

Consumable’s innovative tech was built to make revenue simple. Our server to server solution is optimized to generate the highest monetization with the lowest latency in any integration, whether tag based or within header bidders. Our inventory is maintained with real-time creative scanning, blocking and fraud prevention through our third party partners including Confiant and WhiteOps. We elevate your monetization with new inventory that is clean, fast and generates higher CPMs.

our tech simplifies revenue

we call it

We offer a turnkey publisher dashboard with real-time reporting, product previewing and ordering, a la minute ad blocking and ads.txt verification. All the ingredients you need to manage your monetization with us.