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in-feed advertising

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reach customers directly within content they are engaged with we curate premium ctv channels to

With Consumable’s custom made In-Feed advertising formats marketers can reach their customers directly within articles and other content they are currently engaged with.

our main in-feed formats are:

Interscroller / Interstitials
Podcast Player
Weather Updates
Video Player

our Publisher partner list is always growing within Web and In-App

Client Logos
Infeed 1

Interscrollers / Interstitials

These full screen formats captivate the audience and bring full attention to your product and offers. High click through rates and performance.

Infeed 2

Podcast Player

This units offers people free podcasts across the entire internet. Marketers benefit from providing audio and display advertising with this unit.

Infeed 3

Weather Updates

Everyone wants to know the weather today, tomorrow and beyond. We provide local weather reports combined with display adverting units.

Infeed 4

Video Player

Our in page video player offers marketers the opportunity to deliver commercials and display advertising while consumers watch content.

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